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Excellent travel agency

I spent 6 days in Nicaragua and arranged all my travels through Vapues: they were wonderful, very attentive and provided excellent advice. All their staff, starting from Katherine, the travel adviser/planner, who worked hard to resolve all my questions (and there were many !!!!), to the exceptionally knowledgeable guides Rene & Freddy, and of course all the drivers.

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The organization was spotless!. I would recommend them without a moment of hesitation to everybody who would like to visit this beautiful & very fascinating country. Thank you again for making this vacation so wonderful!

Erol Bakkalbasi | May 2019

Vapues stepped up and created an even better itinerary

We signed up for a tour to Nicaragua. Excited for the adventure we bought our airline tickets The next week we were notified that "due to personal issues" the tour was cancelled. Vapues stepped up and created an even better itinerary for the same amount of money. We will definitely contact for our next trip to Nicaragua.

Janice Shaughnessy | Oct 2018

Thanks for the organization

Thanks for your prompt reply with the proposal. Once again thank you very much for arranging a wonderful tour today. Thanks to that, I could look around this fascinating city Managua. Next time I will spend more time in Nicaragua to visit León, Granada, and some volcano sites. See you again and I hope that the true peace will be realized in Nicaragua soon.

Masaki | Sep 2018

Last-Minute trip to Nicaragua

Mike and I are truly thankful for your help in planning our last-minute trip to Nicaragua – we had such an amazing time. I’ve given the trip a lot of thought over the past week, both Mike and I have talked about all the highlights and what a great time we had.

Natasha | Mar 2018

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I am SO happy that we arranged the private guide and driver for our time around the country and know 100% that our experience would have been so different without your expertise here.

While I think we would have been OK with a rental car, we would have fought most of the time navigating where we were going, missed out on the educational aspect of Nicaragua’s history and present-day situation, and missed out on the cool experiences you arranged for us. (…) Nicaragua turned out to be perfect! I think this is such an under-rated destination and can see it growing in popularity in the coming years. They have some work to do when it comes to trash etc. but I think they’re on the right track – and hope it maintains its authenticity with travelers and remains a bit of an unknown gem for a while longer.

The most epic of all trips

I'm sorry it’s taken so long to get back to you. As you may have heard we got engaged whilst in Nicaragua so you honestly could not have given us a more perfect holiday and time together. We have been together 8 years and never been anywhere quite like this and done so well by you and the team on the ground, so thank you for giving us magic. (…) Thank you so much again for the most epic of all trips and making our time so special.

VIP | Jan 2018

It was a very good experience

After I phoned with the participants of the tour I would like to say thank you again, also in the name of the group.Tour was well organized, thank you Haydee.

Especially Edwin was a great tour leader and Luis a great driver - they are thankful to had have them.

Gudrun | Dec 2017

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Edwin and Luis worked together very well which was great for the group, they understand each other and spread a friendly atmosphere. It was a very good experience, they always were well informed and are thankful for the warm hospitality. The tour was very interesting, comfortable, very good service, … to meet the people, to learn a lot about history, nature and culture…, to eat with farmers was great experience for them.

One detail I would like to emphasize: the local guides! they are really more than an advantage for the tour. The guests told me how important local guides are with their special knowledge.

And this is the way we want our tours : ). Thank you so much.

Perfect combination of own free time and structured itinerary

This was my first trip to Nicaragua and as a single traveller I chose Vapues Nicaragua Tours to organise my itinerary including destinations, hotels, and transfers. From first pick-up to final drop at the airport - everything was organised seamlessly.

Aussie | Oct 2017

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For two of the transfers I had both a driver and English speaking guide, for other transfers the driver was able to perfectly communicate plans to ensure a smooth arrival. All the hotels that were used were excellent, and suggested itineraries a good touch. Perfect combination of own free time and structured itinerary to make this such an amazing holiday experience. Highly recommend Vapues to organise your private tour in Nicaragua.

I loved my time in Nicaragua

I'm back home - and all is well. I loved my time in Nicaragua - your country quite touched my heart. Not just the beautiful landscape, but the people too. I've nothing negative to say about Va Pues - the meet and greet and your guides were all excellent, always courteous and always punctual.

Roddon | May 2017

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Particularly your guides. I've had many guides in my travels, but all of yours seemed instinctively to know the skills involved in guiding - how to 'read' people, how to make a tour interesting, offering options so that guests don't become too tired. I congratulate you.

A service with heart

Fantastic guides, great transport (usually air conditioned 7 seater type minibuses) and very friendly drivers. Always on time if not early, and even if there was a language barrier between us and the drivers they were super friendly, pointing things out along the way, offering loo stops etc. And the guides were amazing.

Meyer | February 2017

Very knowledgeable

We could not have asked for a better guide than Oscar, who was knowledgeable and informative, friendly and helpful. He gave us a real insight into the city and country. The horse-carriage tour through the city was really enjoyable.

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Oscar's running commentary on the history of Granada and Nicaragua was fascinating. Ometepe: Danny, the local guide, was very good. Like Oscar in Granada he was very knowledgeable and provided us with a lot of information about Ometepe and life on the island, and about the wildlife. Masaya: The highlights of this day were seeing the volcano and then the time spent at the pottery in the Pueblos Blancos. General: Excellent service and support from Vapues, particularly when one of the family fell ill.We would definitely use them again in Nicaragua.
Tepper | August 2016

Very helpful and accommodating

We travelled in Nicaragua having booked through an UK agency, who use Va Pues their chosen local partners. We were highly pleased with the arrangements they made for us. Their local guides were informative, interesting and very good company.

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And when we hit some health problems, Va Pues could not have done more to help us sort things out.
Simon | August 2016

A relaxed and enjoyable time

Arranged a tour of Las Isletas in Granada with Vapues. The guide (sorry I can't remember his name) was very fluent in English and full of information not only of Las Isletas but also of Granada, local wildlife and the culture/history of Nicaragua.

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Booking the tour in the Granada office was handled by friendly efficient staff. A relaxed and enjoyable time, Regretted that our stay in Granada was too short to book other tours with them.
Danielle | June 2016

Outstanding support

Jackie and I are back home after a wonderful holiday in Costa Rica and Nicaragua. I would like to compliment you on your outstanding support to us while we were in Nicaragua.

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I rarely do this, but in your case I felt that you really deserved recognition. You phoned us at all key points throughout our tour, ensuring that all was progressing well, whether it was a transfer or a hotel. When we asked for help, such as bringing forward a tour to avoid the high afternoon temperatures, you went out of your way to ensure that our needs were met. You anticipated problems before they occurred. For example, when our ferry from Ometepe was delayed, you advised our driver in Costa Rica that we would be late. Your support even extended beyond the point where we left your country. I was dumbfounded when our driver in Costa Rica, having picked us up from the border crossing, took a phone call from you. Looking bewildered, he told is that you were checking that we were OK. My only regret is that I did not have the opportunity to meet you and thank you face-to-face for your support. I hope that this email will go some way to expressing my gratitude. You will note that I have copied this to my holiday agents in the UK to ensure that they are aware of your incredible customer service.

Hoey Family | May 2016

Siblings Trip of a Lifetime to Nicaragua

There are a total of five siblings in our family. My parents left Nicaragua to live in the United States when they were twenty and all five of us siblings were born in the U.S.

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During summertime,when we were young, our parents would pack us up in a station wagon and drive us to Nicaragua.....Yes, I said drive us to Nicaragua........ We all have very fond memories of these times but as I discovered on our recent 'Sibling Trip of a Lifetime to Nicaragua', there were a lot of places we never had visited. My siblings and I decided to visit our roots together, probably for the last time. In comes with Vapues Tours. We decided to go back and visit our roots. Vapues meticulously arranged 97% of our trip. Since four of us are senior citizens, we had certain ailments to deal with. So we asked Vapues to arrange all transportation, tours and hotels for us. Let me say that she was relentless with her people. The minute we were picked up she was calling them to make sure all was well. She also would call me throughout the trip to ask if I needed anything. We had family to meet and sometimes changed our itinerary, Vapues professionally took care of everything. We traveled to Managua, Leon, Esteli, Matagalpa, Corn Island, Granada, Ometepe and San Juan del Sur. It was a great bonding trip. My older siblings hadn't been to Nicaragua for over fifty years. I am not sure what could be improved on by Vapues but I encourage you to use them!

Irene | May 2016

Excellent job

First of all we thoroughly enjoyed the country. Such a variety, authenticity, kind people and good atmosphere! Really very, very nice. But the real reason to write is to let you know that Vapues has done an excellent job in organizing our trip.

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On a number of occasions we were in contact with the Travel Planner and was always very helpful and came with good suggestions and solutions. This varied between help with recovering a laptop we forgot at a hotel, a change in the plans in the Corn Islands, a late minute request for a tour and help with a SIM card for an IPad. Vapues really went out of way to make our vacation a success.

Noordink | February 2016

82-days round trip in Nicaragua

I made a 82-days round trip in Nicaragua, from January 18 to April 9. I prepared my holiday by reading Lonely Planet and Moon guides, and also consulting web-sites of several tour operators, e.g. Vapues Tours (Managua). I composed the itinerary, and the fine-tuning I did with the help of Vapues Tours in Managua. Vapues Tours also did the reservations for the overnights, car rental, boat transports, flights, guides and meet and greets.

Michael Broekman | May 2015