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Pack for a purpose

Casa Xalteva Cultural and Language Center is an NGO that supports the local community. Their focus lies on the educational and socioeconomic advancement of young people and various families in Granada.

Casa Xalteva was founded in November 1995 by two professors from the University of New Mexico, Ken Carpenter and Gregory Calvert. Their aim was to improve the lives of Nicaraguan children at risk. The NGO originally functioned as a shelter for children who lived on the streets.

The children lived in Casa Xalteva and participated in the Casa Xalteva programs.

Today, Casa Xalteva serves 15 children, all of whom receive learning materials, homework help, vocational training, arts and crafts, recreation and more. The primary goal of the program is prevention so that these children can break away from cycles of poverty and violence and generate positive changes in their own lives and of their community. In doing so, Casa Xalteva forms a family and home structure for these children.

How can you help?

Casa Xalteva is located close to the centre of Granada. The children of the programme have very little, but Casa Xalteva provides them with school supplies, electronic devices and equipment, toys, and sport equipment. You can help these children by bringing some of these items with you on your travels, which only takes up a couple of kilos of space (which on the way back can be filled with souvenirs and precious memories of your time in Nicaragua, for example a bottle of Nicaragua’s finest rum, Flor de Caña, or a beautiful figurine or other handmade craft bought from one of the local artists).

The complete list of items which they need can be found here .

When visiting Granada, you can pay a short visit to Casa Xalteva during opening times, which is in walking distance of the centre of Granada, where you can drop off the supplies you brought with you. If the children are not at school or on an excursion you will be able to meet the children and get to see how Casa Xalteva helps them by creating a safe place for them to learn, play and grow.

Casa Xalteva

De la iglesia Xalteva, 1/2 cuadra al este casa roja en el parque Xalteva.

Nicaragua. Mejor horario para visitas 10:00 am or 3:00 pm CST